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Personal Financial Investment Seminar Singapore - By Investors, For Investors 17 January 2015

Hi everyone, this post is really quite late considering many financial bloggers have already did a write-up on this seminar. But hey, the good thing is if you didn't already know about this event, well now you know! :D

Some financial bloggers include:
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With regards to this event, what should you know?

Event Information:

When:  17 January 2015, Saturday
Time: 12.30pm to 5.30pm
Where: NTUC Auditorium, NTUC Centre

No.1 Marina Boulevard
#11-01, One Marina Boulevard
Singapore (018989)

Price: SGD$16.00 per person.
Discount Code: WDFRIEND (50% off, valid until end Nov 2014)

You can also use various discount codes provided by other bloggers. All are valid for 50% discount until the stipulated time.

What: View Programme Here
How: Sign Me Up!

Now that you have all the details, why should you or anyone else attend this seminar for that matter? Putting beside the fact that it's at an extremely affordable price of $8/person?

Read on!

Event Highlights:

This event is organised by Wealth Directions with their slogan, "By Investors, For Investors". This is an event that is open to the general public who wish to gain more information and knowledge for their Investment Journey. And since I'm a Teen myself, all the more I'm encouraging fellow readers my age to attend this event.

Am I earning anything from this event? No. Am I getting special privileges? No. I am promoting this event, because in the two months that I have begun blogging, I have read at least some, if not all the blogs owned by fellow financial bloggers/influencers who will be speaking at this event.

Do you feel that $8 or $16 is very expensive? Assuming you're the average teenager, some of you may spend more than twice or thrice this amount on a single meal / club / pub etc. Even a simple lunch buffet at Seoul Garden sets you back by at least $30.00. And most importantly, if this event meets my expectations, it's going to pay back much more than what you invested.

Many of my readers have emailed me asking for advice. Personally, a limited amount of information can be shared through my blog posts/ emails. Wouldn't you rather spend $8 to come down and listen and hopefully, leave with more insight and knowledge of what you plan to do?

There may be some light refreshments or so, but hey you're attending the event for the potential knowledge that you can gain.

These speakers put their name, faces and reputation on the line for a good reason. They are talking about what they believe in and what has worked for them.

Teenagers and young adults will benefit the most from these. Why? They say Youth is wasted on the Young. When you're old and have more experience and knowledge, you wish you knew this when you were younger. Well, since you're young now, gain the experience!

Here is a quick run down on who is talking about what:

Financially free at age of 40. He will be talking about why one need to invest and more importantly how choose the correct investment for yourself.
As a certified CFA, he will be running through the finer points of creating your very own financial plan the correct way.
Are your investment yield better than 8% a year? If not, you should listen to this guy.
He is not a stranger to Wealth Directions’ Graduate. He was one of Dennis’s student and have came forward many time to help out in Wealth Directions program and activities.
In this event, he will be revealing one of the most interesting method of picking under valued stocks. Who don’t want to learn that?
Dr Tee is also no stranger to Wealth Directions’ Graduate. He is the Master trainer in one of our stock investment course.
By this time in the event, you would know why you need to invest, how to do proper financial plan, check if what you are doing is correct and how to pick under valued stocks. Next, Dr Tee will share with you when to buy and sell your stocks. Talk about complete education!
  • Speaker Discussion Panel
This is the best part. All the speakers will come back to the stage again and talk about 2015 investment plans PLUS they will show you where they are parking their own money for the new year ! This has never been done before so definitely the highlight of the event.

(Information credits to Wealth Directions)

For more information, visit

Will I be attending? It really depends on my schedule. Hopefully, time can be allocated to attend. Personally, some of my friends have already signed up. I share what I feel is beneficial! :)

I don't share what I personally feel is not.

Have fun! Invest in knowledge today!

Signing Off,
Teenage Investor


  1. Thanks Teenage Investor for the support!

    Just one small clarification:

    My focus is to help the audience know themselves better.

    Whether they want to invest, trade, or let cash rot in the bank will be entirely up to them.

    I don't think everyone have to invest ;)

    Jared - SMOL

    1. Hi Jared, I apologize! That information was taken from Weath Directions.

    2. My Home CEO doesn't need to know how to invest.

      She just to know ATM Pin Number!

  2. Hi Teenage Investor!

    Thank you for your great write up! We really appreciate your support and help.
    It is always heartening to see teenagers thinking about their finance right now. I think you will have a great future!

    Hope to see you there!

  3. I would like to be a part of this seminar but now its too late. Inform me about the next seminar dates.