Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Get a Free Taxi Ride- On Me.

Hello Readers, How often do you get to have a free taxi ride in Singapore? Doubtless, not a lot of times. Uber is the newest taxi app on the blog, in the ever increasing successful attempts to get a cab any time you need one. Instead of calling 6 different Taxi Companies only to fail to secure a cab.

HOW Frustrating Is That?

So How do you secure yourself a free ride worth up to $10?

Step 1: Sign up for an account on Uber / Download the app on App Store/ Google Play

Step 2: Key in your personal details.

Debit/Credit Cards are used for payment, absolutely complete cashless transactions. No longer necessary to pay cash. So much more convenient for us.

Step 3: Book a Taxi Ride using the app.

Step 4: Enter Promo Code


That's it! Your Ride is free! However, the ride is up to $10!

Have fun!

Signing off,
Teenage Investor

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