Friday, 17 October 2014

Does Having A Perfect Wedding means spending Thousands?

Recently, my blogpost was shared on The Real Singapore.

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I took a peek at the comments, very very interesting comments too. They provided necessary insight into how our generation is indeed changing. Many people don't see the need to have a big fancy wedding. They want a marriage. Weddings are merely a choice of celebration.

They view their marriage as the most important thing.

Take a look at some of the comments below.

Times have changed. Marriage is about 2 people in love, coming together to forge an ever-lasting connection with each other.

Singaporeans are increasingly looking for better ways to spend their hard-earned money. Not everyone is looking to spend hundreds of thousands on the "Perfect Wedding".

Sure, there are probably a percentage of people still envisioning their "Perfect Wedding". But having that Perfect Wedding is subject to your own expectations.

Some people can have a small intimate wedding celebration with only close relatives and friends attending and feel that is their perfect wedding.

Some spend thousands and thousands on their wedding and wonder why it's not perfect. Why? Because their expectations are too high.

It's all about expectations isn't it?

What about those who are under pressure by their parents or parents in law to spend thousands on the wedding? Are they happy?

At the end of the day, it's all about personal preference. People may feel the need to spend, but some don't.

They'd rather spend the money on their BTO flats. Their future. Their honeymoon.

My estimation of SGD$78,000 for a wedding can be used to renovate their flat and get new furnishings.

In the comments on The Real Singapore, many people were indignant. Many felt the article was highly inaccurate.

I was truly happy to read such comments. It confirms my belief that a wedding doesn't have to be flashy. To quote one of the comments "Ego will make it expensive."

What do you think?

Signing off,
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  1. The real Singapore does like to share this kind of articles. A few of my articles were shared by them too. Marriage is not a one person thing or even a 2 person thing. It is a 2 family thing. You may want a simple wedding, your wife may want a simple wedding but what if her family doesn't feel that its right to have a simple wedding? Its probably your title that states you would need $78,000 for a decent wedding that made people jump to conclusions. You're lucky you didn't get wack as hard as another blogger I know who quit blogging because his article was criticised until he cannot take it.

    1. The title wasn't thought up by me. Haha! I think wedding and marriage is a widely discussed topic. People have different opinions. About the family thing, it's right to a certain extent i agree. At the end of the day, the couple is the one that forged a union. Therefore my stand is that they should just enjoy themselves and not worry too much about the budget.

  2. Marriage is about the 2 of u.

    Wedding is about the 2 families. U will understand in due time. I believe social norms do not change over night.

    Would u not give in if it is not too
    Much of a hassle/ pain? It is the in-law who have raise the girl u love, making her the pretty, intelligent, understanding or whatever u have.

    Your girl might not necessarily want the things her mother would like to see, but most probably would not like to disagree...

    Of course, we have "greedy", inconsderate, flip flop people ...

    Unless you are selfish and ungrateful ... Go ahead and not give a hoot to the family thoughts

    1. Hi SI!
      Maybe my thinking will change in the future! I agree about giving in part anyway! I think it all depends on the family maybe. Some like my cousin, want a lavish wedding because their family status are prestigious in a way.

      How was your wedding like?

  3. We have everything traditional wedding have, but nothing lavish.

    We have wedding package that include studio. And outdoor photographs, gowns, Chinese traditional costumes, car on wedding day etc...

    I was pre-warned about the photos tactics of these bridal companies, who will CONvince u to buy photos beyond the number included by the package, I know of packages that cost 3 k but end up to 7 k. My brother and my friend were victims to this because their wife says nice nice buy. I convince my wife that several K saved can be better saved on our honeymoon. She agrees ...

    The pin Li, si Dian Jin, ROM lunch wedding dinner all have. Extra photographer for dinner and ROM also have.

    Wedding dinner was at a restaurant at hotel instead of ballroom, cheaper, we ordered the best menu, it was 750 per table, that price could not get you the cheapest menu at the same hotel using the ballroom. The dinner break even by itself.

    Honeymoon was to Japan. Nice but not exceedingly high compared to romance Europe ...

    1. Wow Japan for honeymoon is also one of my dream. Pretty costly too. Sticking to traditions but nothing lavish sounds like a good idea to me as well.

      Wedding dinner at restaurant sound better. How much did you roughly spend?

  4. No dear, that is not true. I got married at Las Vegas Weddings venue. It was the beautiful wedding and all went as they way I planned for it. More than anything this was a budget friendly wedding as luckily I got genuinely priced venue.

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