Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The World's First Financial Social Media Platform - Continued

Readers might remember, previously I mentioned receiving an email regarding meetinvest.

The World's First Financial Platform?


What if everyone could have free access to proven stock selection tools and investment strategies of Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, John Templeton and Geraldine Weiss, while being in a social environment where financial experts and the common people could interact? Wouldn’t that be exciting?
I am writing to you with the hope that you’ll agree to be one of an exclusive group of people who are amongst the first across the globe (65 to be exact), that would evaluate and provide feedback to the world’s first financial social media platform called meetinvest.
What is meetinvest?
meetinvest is a Swiss-made financial social media platform that provides stock selection and back-testing tools that investors pay big money for, at no cost, for everyone.
On this platform, users gain free access to knowledge on 18 proven stock selection strategies, along with back testing of past hypothetical performance that non-experts will also be able to understand.
With 68,000 worth of stocks data provided by Bloomberg Professional Terminals, our team of financial analysts painstakingly programmed the algorithms that form the core engine for the stock selection tool, for each individual strategy, from the bottom up.
All algorithms programmed, are based on the original published works of various featured investment professionals and experts such as William O’Neil, Josef Lakonishok, James O’Shaughnessy, and David Dreman amongst others.
Launching worldwide on the 6th of October, Our aim is to help various publics gain better control of their financial future by being able to invest in the same way as trained experts; while at the same time network, share and exchange their knowledge and experiences with like-minded individuals – regardless of their profession, education or social background.
meetinvest is founded by Michel Jacquemai and Maria Labrador, who between them, share a combined 36 years of experience within the financial and communication industries. They are supported by a team of 18 individuals from different parts of the world, in which I am the only Singaporean!
Will you take up this exclusive invite to evaluate meetinvest?
If your answer is yes, I would like to give you a call in a day or two, to provide further information on the platform access keys specially prepared for you.
After which, when you have finished experiencing and evaluating the platform, I will give you a follow up call to hear more about your thoughts on and answer further questions that you might have.
Thank You!
Dear Teenage Investor, it is by no chance that I have personally and specifically selected you to be part of a exclusive few who will be amongst the first in the world to experience our platform. 

As demonstrated in your blog posts, your passion and enthusiasm in financial planning and security regardless of age, is not only well regarded within individual investors in Singapore, but also by all of us at meet invest.

I received a phone call today from an overseas number, and it was none other than Mr Soong himself,  he informed me that in the next few days / week he would provide me with more details in an email to access the platform and give my feedback. Seems that he is also interested in SG Young Investment, a fellow and senior investment blogger as he asked if I knew him / was the same person haha!

Check out SG Young Investment here,

Will update more when I have a chance to review this platform!

Signing off,
Teenage Investor

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