Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Post for All Investors; Both Seniors and Juniors

Recently, it came to my attention when a fellow investment blogger commented on one of my recent  posts to inform that a senior blogger blogged about me. Yes I was aware, I just chose not to say much. However, I am honoured that my posts reach out to many investors out there.

You can find it here:

Apparently, a senior blogger has blogged regarding my post on planning for the future.

This is his post :)

Interestingly enough, I commented on this exact post but he never published it though he published a comment by someone else which was posted at a later timing. :)

Now, I don't mean to start a war. In fact, I have avoided all forms of direct confrontation as I believe my blog posts is about me and the journey I'm going through.

Thank you for those who have supported me whether directly or indirectly.

I do know that this particular blogger is a senior in terms of investments and experience. However I found some parts of his blog post very weird. In that sense, I would like to have a debate.

Let's begin.

Senior Blogger: In his article on 12 September, the blogger felt indignant that one of his readers commented that his advice was a piece of joke and that he would rather not waste time planning for his future. The blogger went on to sign off his article and encouraged his readers to plan for his future. After reading his blog post, I must categorically state that his article was a piece of junk and provide no value to young Singaporeans at all. Now look, everyone can say "plan for your future", even my mother can say that. But it sound damn hollow, so much so that even my parents didn't ever said that to me because they knew it would only make them looked real stupid in front of their children. So did I ever plan for my future? Hell no! But in fact, I have a good career, a stay-at-home wife, a lovely daughter and a nice little home. Did I achieve all these through meticulous planning years ago? Of course not! But did all these happen by chance? Of course not!

Firstly, the fact that your parents never ever told you to plan for your future is a tad unbelievable. If true, that's sad in more ways than one. That being said, I'm happy for you that you have a good career, a happy family and a home all without "planning".

Senior Blogger: If there are two things that I want to impart to my young daughter, they would be: character resilience and the ability to learn transferable skills. In today's context, there are just too many obstacles that life would throw at you and having a plan would not help you to navigate through these challenges. I have seen people crumbled after failing to meet their targets and lost their self confidence to carry on with their lives. So I would not advise my daughter to plan for her future. What is the point of telling her that when I don't even practice it?

Life is meant to be explored and we should have fun when we are young. But of course, there will be low points in our lives and it is important that we pick ourselves up and don't give up easily. It is having the will to succeed that differentiate the winners from the losers. In fact, if my daughter tell me that she met a guy who is able to plan everything in his life, I would tell her to get away from him immediately. Because this fellow would be a real boring person. Plan your life? You must be kidding.

With regards to the above statement, I agree entirely. Character Resilience and Learning New Skills is very valuable in life. However, not advising your daughter to plan for her future is your choice and entirely yours. I have no right to comment :) However, I'm not kidding about planning for my own life.

Not one of my posts, did I ever mention planning everything in my life.You seem to have a serious misunderstanding. I merely stated, planning for the future.

Let's say your daughter did meet a guy that has plans for his future, you would assume that he was boring without getting to know him. Planning for your future doesn't means that someone is boring. Don't judge. Don't stereotype. What if your daughter loves that guy, would you still tell her to get away? If so, you must be a really harsh father. Take my advice, being too controlling isn't necessarily a good thing if you are.

Senior Blogger: The blogger went on to claim that he would not want a grand affair wedding and don't care a hoot about his relatives' opinions. Well, I don't know which planet he come from but this is definitely not the Singapore way of doing things. Does he know what is he talking about? Obviously, he has no experience and probably don't even have a girlfriend right now. In Singapore, parents and parents-in-law have the final say on the customary wedding ceremony. Yeah, you wanted a simple wedding affair because you have planned or budgeted for the whole process. But it is only your wishful thinking. What if your parents-in-law wanted a grand wedding and expensive dowry from you? Are you going to cancel the wedding just because your budget was over-blown? Money is important but communication is even more important. You can save like hell right now but you never know the demands of your future parents-in-law. So instead of managing the wedding cost from a one-sided perspective, a better approach would be to have honest heart-to-heart talks with your partner on the kind of wedding you are able to afford. You should also moderate and manage your future parents-in-law expectations through your spouse if you think you have no money for the kind of wedding they expected.

Hi! I am from Earth, if you did not know.... The whole point of my post was to state that we did not always have to follow the "Singapore way of doing things". It's 2014. During your time, people may have more emphasis on culture, but people are slowly changing and more accepting.

To contradict, yes I do have a girlfriend. And not all parents want to have the final say in a wedding ceremony. Most parents respect their children's decision and do not give them the burden of a "Visualized Wedding". Like I said, it's 2014, and no it's not my wishful thinking.

To be honest with you, I feel that your thinking is very flawed. As children, we want our family to have a say in the marriage plans. However, having a say and deciding the whole process is 2 very different concepts which I hope that you'll understand.

Many parents give their child the freedom because of something called trust. If you would want to have the final say in your daughter's marriage then I question who's really getting married. You or your daughter ?

Senior blogger: I am glad that the blogger, who is a student, has not blog on career advice (yet) because I think it would sound fake as well. You really need life experiences and wisdom to be able to write stuff that can touch people. Probably the blogger cannot figure out what on earth is "transferable skill" all about and how it can shape his life. Singapore's education system don't teach this and I reckon most students don't learn it in school as well. Getting a bachelor degree is important in Singapore but it doesn't define success, it merely open a few doors for you to make the first steps. To get ahead in life, you must acquire transferable skills, no matter which industry you work in. Having a plan will not help you succeed in life. In fact, it will only impede your progress, because if you did not meet your targets, you would likely roll down the slippery slope and could even fall over the cliff.

My blog posts are not intended to "touch people". I'm blogging about my thoughts, and my experiences as I go through them. One step at a time. I don't intend to blog about career advices, simply because I'm not at that stage yet.

You seem to think of me as some stupid kid and that seriously angers me. However, I'm glad my mother has taught me well, never to take what others say seriously. Especially if their intentions were to insult you.

Your concept of "transferable skill" is indeed a gem of advice. And contrary to your thinking, I do understand the importance of having that in your career path. I would have appreciated a more "fatherly comment" coming from a senior investment blogger.

For your information, I did not grow up in a complete home. Things my father should have taught me, he didn't. Mainly because he was never in my life as I was growing up. I figured out everything for myself and I don't appreciate being regarded as someone who has no idea of what he's saying.

You may be more experienced and wiser, but your mentality and your actions are no different from "Cyber Bullying." Some day, I hope that you'll understand that your words do have an impact. Just that it's a negative one.

I end my post with a message to all the investors out there.

Each and everyone of you I've met so far, has taught me a lot in terms of your daily posts. And I'm thankful for that. My posts are meant to keep a log of my experiences (I said that a lot of times didn't I hahaha) that's all. And if I can help anyone begin their journey, I'm more than happy to.

Signing off,
Teenage Investor


  1. Hi TI,

    I guess when we blog and share, it's a matter of time before someone disagrees with us. This might sometimes even be a good thing since we can get some diversity in views.

    Key is not to get to make it into a direct personal attack but when it happens, the best thing is not to get too harped up over it. =)

    (Speaking from personal experience.) =p

    1. Hi, My 15HWW!
      Nice blog! I've linked you, looking forward to reading your posts.
      I'm not that harped up over it anymore, after blogging.
      Diversified views is fine, as I appreciate the tips from fellow senior investors in Singapore.

      An all out attack was a bit uncalled for tho, to each his own haha!

  2. Quote your words: "Interestingly enough, I commented on this exact post but he never published it though he published a comment by someone else which was posted at a later timing. :)"

    It is like that.

    Negatively impacted comments will be deleted. Quite common implementation.

    Hear only good words like one of TV Ads.

  3. Hi TI

    Wow raw is war!!! Just kidding.

    Dont harp too much and move on. If its about your experience and your own thoughts then the cyber is free for anyone to post a shout on.

    No worries, Ive received many negative feedback after years of blogging.

    1. Haha, i'm moving on!
      It's part of life and I've learnt to deal with it in my own way!

      How did you cope?

  4. Hi TI,

    Don't bother with that magic person lah. I think he's using highly contentious headlines and contents to market his site. So, no need to fall into his click bait trick :) the magic of blogging when you are a newbie is that all of us can watch u change your views and grow. I look at my own posts in 2006/2007 and I will lol! What the %^~! What was I thinking then!

    1. Hi LP!
      Oh! I never thought of that! Watching myself change my views and grow. That's something new, thanks!

      I look forward to scrolling back and (hopefully) not too many mistakes haha

  5. Hello Teenage Investor,

    1) Must commend you for having the smarts not to put a direct link to that bully's post; even when you were all hyped up... Thumbs up!

    Don't feed the troll ;)

    2) I belong to the "plan less" camp. That's because of my life's stage and current lifestyle. And partly because I love to used word plays to have fun with others!

    Plan less already includes planning ;) It does not mean no planning like some people assume...

    I cringe whenever I see people who can't tell the difference; and if that person is someone I like or respect, I'll give them a poke! (Those I don't like I see them as transparent)

    3) Youth, your strength is not knowing what cannot be done!

    If you see your peers not planning enough, by all means say what you feel or think!

    Likewise, if I see too many of my peers (don't you dare call me uncle) spending too much time planning.... Not enough actual doing.... Not enough spontaneity.... I'll ring my bell and sing my song too!


    You have fun now!

    1. Hi!
      Thanks for the commendation, I prefer not to confront people as I believe there are better ways of expressing my feelings. My blogpost is just one of them :)

      I plan to use youth to an advantage, but a lot of people say youth is wasted on the young hahaha

  6. "Keeping our mind on the topics and facts is the secret weapon to stay rational in talking to anyone;"

    “道 不 同 不 相 为 谋,志
    不 同 不 相 为 友”

    Of course, all of us are different and unique

    1. Hi temperament!
      Thank you for that advice, I will do that!

  7. Hi TI,

    I saw the original post and I thought it was quite harsh criticism at that time.

    It is good that you know the reason why you are blogging and you keep true to it. At the end of the day, what you do should make yourself happy!

    One of my favourite quotes is adapted from Alice in Wonderland. "If you don't know where you want to end up at, it doesn't matter where you go from here".

    I think having a default plan for everything in life is a good idea. It means that you have given some thought in whatever you are doing and you have an expected outcome you want. However, since nothing ever goes according to plan, at least whichever alternative route you get pushed onto, you still have a rough idea of the outcome you want to achieve. Having a flexible plan is definitely better than winging it and hoping for the best.

    Things happen because people take action, not because they hoped really hard for it! Accepting fate and going with the flow is good for things that are totally out of your control. I believe financial success is still within most people's control. But perhaps this too much deep already, since this is very much a debate about the contents of The Serenity Prayer and to what degree of control we have in our lives over certain things, haha.

    1. Hi!
      Thank you for your kind words, I agree that nothing ever goes according to plan!

      I'd like to plan as I go, seeing what may happen :)

  8. "Mommy, I have go to school tomorrow hoh" is a plan for the future in itself.

    Need to know what plans are before commenting on them, I think.

    1. Hi Anon! Thank you for your input! I agree too!

  9. Thought junior or senior investors are based on their account size not age. LOL!

    1. haha! Seniority as in age maybe! And more experience through time

  10. I am in my late fifties and I still come over to read 'teenage blogs' like yours. Why? Because I want to know if teenagers these days are financially responsible and most importantly, MAKING PLANS for their future.

    You are doing a great job for your age. Keep up the good work and if I may share a piece of advice, sometimes in life it is best to '' Close an eye and shut your ear' to noises out to distract you. When one is happy and positive, good fortune and health will flow in naturally.

    1. Hi MA!
      Thank you, you're very kind. I will take that advice to close both eyes! haha!

  11. Hi TI,

    Just chirping in!
    From what I see, I believe everyone has their own unique views from their past experiences. While standing up for one's believe is a very much respectable thing to do, he might not realise that he has stabbed people who believes the opposite. I think (and I hope) this is the case.

    Criticisms and condemnations I receive have always made me stronger and I hope it will to you too. I have grown most of my life achievements due to them and thinking back, I am grateful of people who never believed in me. I merely wanted to prove them wrong but I succeeded in accomplishing something I had believed.
    So stand strong. Prove wrong to people who don't believe in you. Once you have succeeded, you could then share the same thing I have written here to others in need these words. :)

    The Independent Abecedarian

    1. Hi TIA!
      Wise words indeed, I will take your advice and look forward to the day where I may share my past experiences and look back on all these with a smile on my face :)

    2. You will, trust me. As long as you believe!


  12. I believe there is a saying "Failing to Plan, is Planning to Fail".

    Whether we plan a little, a lot or just right, we all do plan. Even for those that did not plan anything, that in itself is also a plan.

    It is all about how that plan turns out, and hopefully it turns out fine. If not, simply refine, make changes and adapt it accordingly to make it work out.

    Continue what you have done well, and may your plan go well with you as well.

    1. Thank you numbers! I will stick to my own beliefs and trust that it'll help me through!