Sunday, 21 September 2014

Rich Dad ; Poor Dad

I've began to amass more electronic books to improve my knowledge on Financial knowledge.

I aim to read the more "popular books" before slowly moving onto other books and see what I can learn from them.

Are you interested in obtaining a copy? Email me to find out!

Knowledge is Power, haha!

1/4 of my way through and I'm amazed at how captivating this book is. Investing in books is definitely worth it for me!

Signing off,
Teenage Investor


  1. Robert Kiyosaki is someone with mix reviews. I was initially very hyped up too, after the dusts settled, my personal view is that after his first success, his subsequent motives in various ventures are... I leave you to connect the dots

    Also, u might want to know he is bankrupt now, IIRC.

    Good books to read if u have not:

    1) the intelligent investor by Benjamin graham
    2) pat Dorsy books on economic moats

    2 watershed books that defined my journey.

    U read valuebuddies forum? It's a good mine there.

    1. Hi SI!
      He's bankrupt? That's startling news! I will research more on him after I finish the book!
      Yup I have purchased the Intelligent Investor, not yet on pat Dorsy books though.

      I'll take a look at value buddies and btw linked you up :)

    2. Sorry he is not bankrupt, his company, the education wing, rich global LLC is.

      Anyway... U can check up wiki

    3. Lol was about to point this out after reading your first comment. Anyway, I still find this particular book to be very good for those starting out. Disappointed with the author though, for not practising what he preach about MLM.

      Anyway, I bet he would never be bankrupt in terms of money. He's the guy who told readers to use a company to prevent others from getting their assets right? Hahaha.

    4. RK is still a multi millionaire, as it is only one of his many companies that was liable and let to wind up.

  2. Actually it is the application of knowledge that makes it powerful. Knowledge without action or application is itself "useless".

    PS: Some info in the book may not be applicable across the board like dividends and earnings from equities. It is taxable in the US (30%), but tax free in SG

    1. Hi Numbers!
      Agreed! I'll focus on gaining the knowledge before thinking of how to apply them. Maybe it'll come naturally (I hope)

      Yeah, it's hard to find localised books that concentrate on SG's economy by itself.

    2. There is probably one pretty good book by a local multi millionaire, called "What Your School Never Taught You About Money" by Dennis Ng.

      He is no longer around as he died from a defective heart, aka heart failure.

      He is someone from a poor family who grew up to be successful. He has written 3 books before passing away.

    3. Hi Numbers! I'll check it out! Hopefully there's an ebook version!

  3. Tell us what you think after reading


    1. No problem haha! I'll probably do a review after reading

    2. Teenage Investor,

      Yes, do share your first impressions of this book after reading it.

      It would be refreshing to see if someone who is reading it today has similar experience with those of us who read it when it was first published ;)

  4. Oooh my personal favourite. The book which changed my perception of life, somehow.

    1. Hi Mat! Care to do a review on the book as well? I would love to see what others gain from that book and their perspective as well!