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Every Singaporean Son- Your Pre-Enlistment Medical Screening at CMPB

Hello everyone! Been quite a while since my last post!

Today I would be talking about what every Singaporean male has to undergo, the


Seems, many people are unsure of what to expect! I tried to browse various forums prior to my medical screening, information was vague and confusing at best!

Therefore, hopefully many young males out there will benefit from my experience!

Firstly, before you can proceed for the medical screening, you must first register online at the NS Portal! Have your Singpass ready, if you don't have your Singpass, sign up for it ASAP.

Here are some links to speed up the process :)

NS PORTAL - Registering for NS

Apply for Singpass

Pre-enlistment documentation and booking of medical appointment dates
If you are not studying a full-time course or about to complete your course or not eligible for deferment, you will have to complete the pre-enlistment documentation online, as well as book an appointment for pre-enlistment medical screening and aptitude assessment test.

Pre-enlistment documentation require you to update the following 9 panels:

1. Personal Particulars
2. Family Particulars
3. Education Details
4. Records of Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)
5. Award & Proficiencies
6. Bank Account Details
7. Medical Questionnaire
8. eFitting (Measurement of your size for uniform)
9. Book Medical Exam Date

Source: NS Official Website

Once your Medical Exam date is confirmed, proceed to Central Manpower Board (CMPB)

Central Manpower Base (CMPB)
3 Depot Road
Singapore 109680

You can take the train to Redhill (EW18) and take bus 145.

Alternatively, you can also take the train to Queenstown (EW19) and take bus 195.

What I did however, was take the MRT to Queenstown and took a taxi from there, as I was already running late. My appointment time was at 8.30am.

Friendly advice? Go with a friend. The medical screening can take anywhere from 2 hours to 4 hours. It'll be extremely awkward to go alone.

However, I would strongly recommend you go alone rather than bring your parents with you. No, just no. You're 18/20/21. You can come by yourself. It's time to be independent.

Avoid wearing contact lenses if you're bespectacled! Wear loose and comfortable clothing as you will need to remove them at least three times. Bring along any medical letter from specialist if you have existing medical conditions, (Ligament injury, Ezcema etc) and your Health Booklet.

Let's move on shall we! At the entrance, you will be required to exchange your EZ-Link Card for a Visitor Pass.

You will then proceed to the CMPB Medical Centre, where you will receive a queue number and a card for your Photo Taking. Have your Identity Card (IC) on hand for verification at all times.

Join the queue, have your completed Medical Questionnaire on hand as well. Submit it to the officer on duty. Receive your medical screening list and proceed inside to the Medical Screening Area.

Your Medical Screening is split into 6 different stations.

1. Clinical Laboratory Station

At the Clinical Laboratory Station blood samples are drawn for G6PD, haemoglobin and blood group typing tests. Simple urine tests to detect the presence of blood, protein and glucose (sugar) will also be carried out for you at the Station.

Basically, you will pee into a cup and show the coloured stick. You will also undergo a blood test. This is the scariest part for many people I assume, because of getting a needle jabbed into your vein. 

Don't worry, it's over in a flash. If you're scared, don't look at the needle.

2. Dental Station

At the Dental Station, the Dental Officer will carry out an oral examination and Dental Charting. A Dental X-ray or Orthopantomography (OPG) will also be conducted if necessary.

3. X- ray Station

A Chest X-ray (CXR) screening will also be conducted for you at the X-ray Station for the radiological assessment of your heart and lungs. In my opinion, THIS is the most awkward stage. You're half naked, in a room with other half naked guys and everyone's quiet and not really knowing what to expect. It's over in less than 2 minutes, so don't worry.

4. Eye Station

At the Eye Station routine eye tests are carried out to detect eye abnormalities and test your visual and refractive error. Straightforward, won't take very long.

5. ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) Station

At ENT Station an audio test or audiogram will be conducted to detect hearing abnormalities. They put you inside a room, where they play different audio music at different frequencies and you raise your hand when you hear it. Straightforward too.

6. (Clinical Examination Station)

Station 6 is the Clinical Examination Station, you will undergo height, weight and blood pressure measurements. An electrocardiogram (ECG) will also be done for you in the ECG Room. 

Slight discomfort may happen because the machine will be trying to squeeze your fats to take the ECG. Nothing painful or anything, so don't worry.

After completion of all the clinical investigations and measurements, you will then be examined and evaluated by a Medical officer.

Station 6 Counter (Post Clinical Screening)

Once you have completed the above series of medical screening, you will be medically classified with a PES grading.

Station 6 Counter will also issue instructions for the pre-enlistee if the pre-enlistee is to return to MCC for any further medical investigations. That's it! You're almost done!

- PES A - Fit for all combat vocations (Full BMT)
- PES B1 - Fit for most combat vocations (Full BMT)
- PES B2 - Fit for some combat vocations. Required to take IPPT but can be excused up to 2 static stations in IPPT.
- PES BP - Fit for Obese BMT
- PES C - Fit for some support vocations (Modified BMT)
- PES D - Temporarily unfit for grading and pending further review
- PES E - Fit for administrative duties only
- PES F - Medically unfit for any form of service

It is very important that you highlight your past and current medical problems to our Medical Officers and support your claims by bringing along your past medical records, if any. This will facilitate our assessment of your medical fitness to better assign your PES. The information submitted will be kept confidential.
You will then proceed to do a detailed Vocational Assessment to assess your medical abilities. It can take up to two hours. Most people simply skim through and give rubbish answers. 

Questions include Algebra, Number Sequence and mostly 'O' Level Standard Questions...

Which I must admit, I believe I failed badly. It's been 3 years since I did any of that..

After that, proceed for your photo taking, once done you're free to leave!

That's it! Your screening is over! Hope I helped!

Any questions? I'll answer to the best of my abilities!

Next phase of life is coming, stay safe everyone!

Signing off,
Teenage Investor


  1. Teenage investor,

    It's been 30 years since my CMPB pre-enlistment at Demsey road!?

    Time seems to move a lot faster after I left school!

    I curious. With modern technology, do they still make you stand naked and cough?

    I remember that was my most traumatic moment.


    1. Hi SML!
      About that, what they did was just ask me stand back, remove my underwear and put it back on! Didn't have to cough or anything haha!

  2. Hello! It was a very detailed and interesting read, thank you! But i have a few questions and would appreciate it if you could help me out?
    -I'm currently a self study private O level candidate hence i wasn't eligible for deferment, I'm 17 and i have done my Pre-enlistment registration and booked a medical screening next year in mid January. I'm required to let my parents sign a form as im considered as a minor still. My Os results will only be released a week BEFORE the check up, and the Poly posting results one week AFTER the check up. So im planning to defer after my posting results at end January. Will it be possible? Really confused with what to do in this situation.
    Will be grateful if you can give me some suggestions or help with this,especially from someone who's more mature.
    Thanks alot!!

    1. Hi Anon! Congratulations on the ending of your 'O' levels. As far as I'm aware, deferment is granted for studies if you are able to commence the course before 19 years old (for Secondary 4 students) or 20 years old (for Secondary 5 students), as at 1st January of the course commencement year.
      However since you're a Private O level candidate, this may not necessarily apply to you.
      The best advice I can give you would be to contact CMPB directly and tell them your problem. They will then advise you on the next step to take. No worries, they are helpful and will assist you.
      1800-3676767. All the best and let me know it turns out :)

    2. Hello! Thank you for the quick response and help :) i called them up and was told to proceed with the medical screening first if i were to get into a course i would be able to defer after that. Once again, thank you!

    3. Hi Anon! You're very welcome! All the best :)

  3. Hi, what if you've lost the medical questionaire form? do they have extras on the spot?