Friday, 22 August 2014

Why are Singaporeans getting the least amount of sleep ; What I really think about Roy Ngerng

I refer to this link, and the rising cases I see of Insomnia on my Twitter feed and personal experience. While I may not know what other teenagers may be losing sleep over, whether it's their love life or schoolwork issues etc I believe the common cause of Insomnia and the lack of sleep is the increasing amount of stress Young Singaporeans are facing.

Hostility towards the People's Action Party (PAP) of Singapore is increasing day by day. Go to social media sites like Facebook and I guarantee at least one post on your news feed is about what various PRCs that are imported into Singapore are doing or else it's about what our Prime Minister has said during his rally and about his CPF policies and what the people feel.

With the future so uncertain, who knows what the increasing hostility towards the Ruling Party may bring? We're a country that used to be peaceful and happy until several changes in recent years have led to more and more Singaporeans being unsatisfied.

Again, we fail to see that all these are things affect us "Indirectly". What do I mean by that? Yes, some may argue that the CPF policies affect our retirement and PRCs affect our country's cleanliness, they are just plain annoying etc. However, even if we stay up late at night worrying about all this, will anything change? I highly doubt so.

Moving on to Roy Ngerng. I respect him a lot as a fellow blogger who has posted many relevant details about what the Government is doing. However, to be honest to the point of being blunt, I feel that there is little probability of the PAP changing anything. 

Yes, there are protests being held and talks being done but the fact remains that the PAP and LSL have a very strong theory backing their claims of increasing the minimum sum.

What is that theory? Simply put IF we hit the minimum sum, there will be a monthly amount paid out for our retirement. However due to inflation, $1k + now will not have the same value down the road. Therefore the Minimum Sum is increased so that the payout will be more when we hit retirement age.

Whether or not Singaporeans can hit the Minimum Sum is another thing but the theory backing up the increase in minimum sum is solid. The increase in Transport Fares however is ANOTHER THING totally. Makes no sense that we are paying higher fares for constant breakdowns and incidents happening.. Public Transport should be made affordable for the public as it's a public transport....

As a Singaporean, I truly hope that our government will think of ways to appease the people once more. They have made mistakes, many mistakes at that. But 2016 is still some time away. By that time I will be eligible to vote too. 

Here's to a peaceful sleep and less worrying for now. Stop worrying about the things we can't change. Worry about the things we CAN change.

Signing off,
Teenage Investor


  1. Politics is hard to judge, often there is no one size fits all solution. Current transport fares can be expensive to some yet cheap to many. Your thinking is impressive for your age, with time, experience and enhanced knowledge, our stand will continue to change. Most importantly have fun while we continue to grow and live life. Cheers, Y

  2. Hi thelesstraveledpath,
    Thank you for visiting my blog! I believe that people are unsatisfied and mostly unhappy with the transport fares mostly because the current performance and the frequent breakdowns in the past did not justify the increase. Teenagers are not affected as yet, because most of their concessions are paid for by parents. Furthermore, the concessions extend to polytechnic students so we are more or less satisfied compared to the past when we were paying adult fares and JC students were not.

    Thank you, I will continue to have a more positive outlook on life even amidst uncertain times.

    Teenage Investor